Best Table Tennis Blades

5 Best Table Tennis Blades (2021)

Looking for the best Table Tennis blades?

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In this article, we’ll compare the top Table Tennis blades on the market. This way when you make a purchase, there won’t be any guesswork involved.

These are not meant for beginners though. Once you get past the beginner stage, you may want to build a custom blade to suit your style of play.

If you’re just getting started or if you’re an intermediate-level Ping Pong player, you may want to consider these pre-made Table Tennis paddles instead.

With that said, let’s get started.

Top Ping Pong Blades

What's a Table Tennis Blade?

As the name suggests, it’s just a blade that’s made out of wood.

Once you have some skills, you may want to build a paddle that better suits your gameplay style instead of using a pre-made racket.

Pre-made rackets are good for all players, but when you go the custom route, you can customize/tweak everything to better suit your requirements.

A unique combination of a blade and rubber means a brand-new racket for you!

There can be hundreds of blade-rubber combinations with each custom-made racquet offering a unique gameplay experience.

There’s no holy grail when it comes to Table Tennis blades. It really depends on what you’re looking for – more specifically the way you play the game.

Once you’re past the Table Tennis basics, you may want to try different things and develop your game accordingly. This is where blades come in.

Whether you have an attacking or a defense or an offensive style, these custom paddles will make a huge difference. Speed/spin/control will also vary.

Types of Table Tennis Blades

There are a few different types of Ping Pong blades in the market:

  • Attacking blades – These feature hard outer plies that allows you to generate more speed to the shots. These pack a punch and the added power is something players with an offensive style will absolutely love.
  • Defensive blades – These are good at absorbing shots. The flexible plies will slow down the ball and help you gain an edge at what you do best – absorb shots and wear down the opponents.
  • All-round blades – These offer the best of both worlds with hard inner and soft out plies. All-round blades offer good spin/great control and that makes these suitable for players of all levels.

Ping Pong Blade Handles

You may want to purchase a blade that has the correct type of handle. At the end of the day, it really depends on your grip.

Blades for Penhold grip feature a small/thick handle as you’re supposed to hold the blad as a pen. This is not recommended for players who’re just starting out.

On the other hand, the famous Shakehand grip is best for players of all experience levels. It allows for a more flexible gameplay.

Blade handles can have a few grip types as well:

  1. Straight – These are straight and linear throughout. Since these are straight, these will let you change/adjust the grip in between a game.
  2. Flared – These tend to get thicker close to the bottom of the handle. This unique design helps avoid a situation where it may slip out of your hand. This grip is very common, and is recommeded for most players. 
  3. Anatomic – These are the thickest around the center of the handle, and as a result, they fit in well in the palm of your hand.

Table Tennis Rubber

Since you’re going to build a brand-new paddle, you need rubber.

A blade on its own is no good without rubbers. They come in different thickness that will affect spin/speed and control.

There are players who use different types of rubbers on two sides of the racket. This will change the way you play a shot as speed/spin will differ.

Recommended Rubbers:

  1. Butterfly Tenergy 05
  2. Tibhar Evolution MX-P

Building a Custom Paddle

Once you have selected a blade and a rubber combination, it’s assembly time!

You’ll need glue to stick the rubber onto the blade. However, you can’t just use any glue. There’s custom glue made specifically for building custom paddles.

It will enhance the performance of the rubber and boost your shot speed. As of this writing, ITTF only allows players to use water-based glue solutions.

Top picks (Table Tennis glue) – Amazon:

  1. JOOLA Table Tennis Rubber X-Glue (90 ml)
  2. Butterfly Free Chack Table Tennis Racket Glue (90 ml)

The following video shows the entire process in action from A to Z. Once you have the blade, rubbers and glue, follow along.

Best Table Tennis Blades - Reviewed

Without a doubt, these are the top picks for Table Tennis blades.

It’s understandable no two players are the same and their style of play differs. While selecting these blades, we kept this in mind.

Whether you’re new to the world of blades or whether you have some experience, you simply can’t go wrong with either of these picks.

1. Butterfly Viscaria

There’s a reason why 3/5 of our top picks come from the house of Butterfly. They are among the most reputed manufacturers for Table Tennis gear.

Butterfly Viscaria uses 5 wood and 2 acrylic carbon layers to reduce weight. It does add a lot of power without losing out on control.

It’s a favorite among many professional Ping Pong players including Zhang Jike.

It comes in two grip types – flared and straight. Depending on your preferences, pick the one that suits you best.

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2. Butterfly Petr Korbel

Butterfly Petr Korbel has been going strong since 1990s – from the time it was first introduced.

This all-wood five ply blade doesn’t offer any Carbon fiber layers, and this hard touch will let you produce great topspin shots.

This entry-level blade is great for players who are looking to build a custom racket without breaking the bank.

If you have the biggest of hands, this may not be the best option though.

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3. Butterfly Timo Boll ALC

This shares the same 5 wood 2 carbon ply structure as Viscaria.

This came into existence after Butterfly partnered with one of the best Table Tennis players – Timo Boll as you can probably tell by the blade’s name.

Without sacrificing much control, Butterfly Timo Boll ALC offers exceptional speed and power to help you nail those topspin shots.

It has three handle variants – flared, straight, and anatomic. Pick the grip that best fits your style of play.

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4. YASAKA Ma Lin Extra Offensive

YASAKA Ma Lin Extra Offensive, as you can tell, is a collaboration between YASAKA and Ma Lin (former Olympic champion).

This five ply wood is not only good at absorbing shots but also good at generating power. If you have an offensive style, this blade can be an option.

If you wondered, this all-rounder blade is also very lightweight at 90 gm. It’s available in Straight, anatomic and flared grips.

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This blade also has a Chinese Penhold Version.

5. Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC

Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC uses 5 layers of wood and 2 layers of ZLC.

ZL Carbon combines Carbon fibre and Zylon (ZL Fibre) responsible for a lightweight yet a tough as a rock blade.

If you’re looking for precision, you can’t go wrong with this one. Moreover, it weighs in at 90 gm as well so weight won’t be an issue either.

It’s available in straight, anatomic and flared grip variants.

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Wrapping It Up

This brings us to the conclusion of this piece.

So, what in your opinion is the best Table Tennis blade?

Do you have experience with one or more of our top picks?

Or did we miss anything?

Either way, let us know by leaving a quick comment down below!