Best Table Tennis Rubber

5 Best Table Tennis Rubbers (2021)

Looking for the best Table Tennis rubbers?

Chances are you’re an advanced player who is looking to build a custom paddle that better suits your gameplay style.

If you’re just starting out, one of these pre-made Ping Pong paddles should do the trick, but if you want to experiment, you may want to go the custom route.

With custom paddles, it really depends on what you’re after. There can be hundreds of unique combinations of rubber and blades.

Best Table Tennis Rubber Brands

Unless you have no idea about Table Tennis, chances are you already know what rubber is and why/where it’s used.

For starters, it’s the rubber that you see on the two sides of a racket/paddle.

There’s this wooden blade, and then a thin layer of sponge, and that’s where the rubber sits. With every stroke, this is the part of the bat that hits the ball.

There are dozens of options in the market with vairying thickness levels. It will determine the speed, power, spin and control.

Thin rubbers will offer better control but at the cost of speed/spin. On the other hand, thicker ones are meant for advanced players as you’ll lose some control.

JOOLA, DHS, and Butterfly are among the leading brands that manufacture Table Tennis rubbers. These companies have been in it for the long haul.

5 Best Ping Pong Rubber Picks - Reviewed

There are hundreds of options out there, and selecting a good table tennis rubber can be overwhelming at times.

You don’t have to try them all, though. These are our top Ping Pong rubber picks:

It’s worth noting no two rubbers are the same. At the end of the day, it really depends on your requirements.

Your selection should heavily depend on your playing style and your experience.

If you’re building a custom paddle for the first time, you may want to select a thin rubber. It will offer great control and reasonable speed/spin for your shots.

You may lose some accuracy with the thicker options, but those will help you add extra power/spin to the shots. (Recommended for advanced players)

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1. Butterfly Tenergy 05

Butterfly Tenergy 05 is one of the oldest, yet one of the most popular rubbers on the market.

Many players pick this rubber for forehand play as it allows you to generate heavy topspin thanks to the tensioned topsheet.

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2. Tibhar Evolution MX-P

This rubber is used by many professional Table Tennis players including the multiple-time English champion Paul Drinkhall.

If you’re into power loops, this will suit you well. In general, it’s a good choice for anyone who prefers an attacking style of play.

This rubber offers great spin/speed without losing out on control.

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3. JOOLA Rhyzer 48

JOOLA Rhyzer is a dream-come-true for players who love topspin shots.

With a combination of thin topsheet and thick sponge, it offers exceptional power, speed and spin. On top of it, it doesn’t lose out on control either.

For many reasons, Rhyzer 48 is suitable for players of all experience levels.

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4. Yasaka Rakza 7

Yasaka Rakza 7 is a jack of all trades.

An all-round rubber, it has the right amount of speed, spin and control. It’s good for attacking and defensive players alike.

It isn’t on the expensive side either.

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5. Donic Bluefire M3

Donic Bluefire M3 is a good rubber for players who love topspin shots.

Although it offers slightly better control compared to Butterfly Tenergy 05 (our top pick), it does lose out slightly on speed and spin.

If you’re looking to do a mix of everything – push, block and spin, this will make for a perfect choice for Ping Pong rubber.

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Parts of Table Tennis Rubber

It isn’t just plain rubber that you’re buying. 

Table Tennis rubber is composed of a few parts:


This layer of sponge sits between the red/black topsheet and the wooden blade. 

The thicker it is, the faster the ball will bounce off it. The thickness of the sponge usually varies between 1 mm – 2.5 mm.

If you’re looking for more power, pick a thicker sponge. 

These also come in different hardness levels. A hard sponge will let you add extra speed to your shots, and a soft one will absorb shots better.

Rubber Sheet

This is the red/black topsheet that you’ll find on either sides of the paddle.

Usually, one of the sides is red, and the other one black. It’s not uncommon to find rubber sheets in different colors, though.

Rubber sheets have pimples (also known as pips) that help with the responsiveness of the rubber.

These usually point out from the surface, but can be inward facing as well depending on the type of rubber you opt for.

Wrapping Up

That brings us to the conclusion of this piece.

So, what in your opinion is the best Table Tennis rubber?

Do you have experience with one or more of our picks?

Or did we miss anything?

Either way, let us know by leaving a quick comment down below. You may also want to clean your Ping Pong paddle from time to time to increase longevity.