Bruce Lee Playing Table Tennis With Nunchucks – Real or Fake?

A lot of people admire Bruce Lee Ping Pong skills.

There’s a reason why.

They must have come across a short clip of Lee playing Table Tennis with Nunchucks.

He wasn’t playing with a Table Tennis racket but with a different kung-fu style. Some people think it’s fake and some believe it to be real.

Bruce Lee Ping Pong Video

This commercial video was produced by JWT Shanghai to advertise for Nokia:

This video of him playing Ping Pong was to promote N96 limited edition Bruce Lee, one of their flagship offerings at the time.

This was also a way to pay tribute to him on his 30th anniversary.

You can check out the full interview here.

Did Bruce Lee Play With Nunchucks?

It’s very well known that Bruce Lee was a very skilled martial artist.

Not just that, he was also a great actor and a stuntsman.

The video shows how he destroys two competent Ping Pong players using Nunchucks. It’s easy to think the video is real but here are a few things:

  • This video was produced in 2008, nearly 35 years after Lee died.
  • He was a trained martial artist, but it looks like the Table Tennis ball in the video was added using special digital effects.
  • It was created to promote a Nokia product, and there’s a fair chance a lot of editing was done. They sure have a good budget.

It looks very convincing from a distance with the old-school effects and everything, but these things add to the doubt.

As an athelete, he must have been proficient at sports but this is taking it too far.

One sure can be a jack of all trades, but it appears he’s better than the pros even at Ping Pong.

He even used stunt doubles in movies is that gives you an idea. He was good, but did he do everything that you see on screen? Nope.

Video Clip - Real or Fake?

Bruce was an advanced martial artist and it’s easy to believe everything you see.

You should still take things with a grain of salt.

It may be real, but the chances are slim.

With the commercial videos, the things are often exaggerated. This is to entertain the audience with the too good to be true stuff.

No one is entertained with simple/boring stuff and there’s a reason why companies hire a team of editors to enhance these videos.

Some may even fake things and come up with a fake video

Over to You

So, what are your thoughts on this?

Is the clip fake or real?

Do let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

It’s a fantasy for many – seeing Bruce Lee compete with the top guns in Ping Pong one-on-one with his Nunchucks!

It’s one that will never come true, but we can all dream. Can’t we?

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