T2APAC League

T2APAC League Rules – Everything You Need To Know

T2APAC League (Asia – Pacific) is a new Table Tennis competition where you can participate to win handsome prize money.

There’s a pool of USD 1.75 million that is to be shared among the winners.

This custom event is held in Malaysia and Singapore each year in custom-built arenas in The Pinewood Studios to give it a unique feel.

The live matches are also broadcasted on TV, and sometimes on YouTube.

T2APAC League Structure

Four teams participate in the T2APAC competition.

There are 3 male and 3 female players in each team so there’s a total of 24 players in the tournament. The teams are named after their coach.

Mixed team, men’s singles, and women’s singles matches are played.

Here are the four teams:

  1. Team Michael MAZE
  2. Team Jorgen PERSSON
  3. Team ROSSKOPF
  4. Team JIANG Jialiang

Here’s a short T2APAC trailer video:

Rules in T2APAC

T2APAC is a very unique competition and so are the league rules.

Unlike most tournaments, everything in this competition is time-based. There’s a 24 minute time-limit, and the more you can win as a participant, the better.

It’s a breath of fresh air, and the aim is to increase viewership and make the most a bit more appealing to the audience.

Here are a few more rules (unique to the competition):

  • There’s no deuce, whoever gets to 11 points first wins.
  • If the match has just begun and 2 minutes have elapsed, whoever gets to 5 points first will be declared the winner.
  • If you win a game, it will contribute to your team’s total
  • If you can’t beat the clock (and the timer stops), the player who’s ahead in terms of points will win.
  • There’s only one time out per match (unlike ITTF games)
  • After two games, you’ll switch sides after a brief 1 minute break.

Teams (and Players)

Here are the four teams in the tournament (and the players):

Team Michael MAZE

  1. Timo BOLL (Germany)
  2. Aleksandr SHIBAEV (Russia)
  3. FENG Tianwei (Singapore)
  4. YANG Haenun (Korea)
  5. CHEN Chien-An (Taiwan)
  6. Hina HIYATA (Japan)

Team Jorgen PERSSON

  1. Jun MIZUTANI (Japan)
  2. Mattias KARLSSON (Sweden)
  3. JOO Se-Hyuk (Korea)
  4. Bernadette, SZĂ•CS (Romania)
  5. Suthasini SAWETTABUT (Thailand)
  6. DING Ning (China)


  1. Dimitrij OVTCHAROV (Germany)
  2. Georgina POTA (Hungary)
  3. Paul DRINKHALL (England)
  4. CHENG I-Ching (Taiwan)
  5. SHANG Kun (China)
  6. Elisabeta SAMARA (Romania)

Team JIANG Jialiang

  1. Vladimir SAMSONOV (Belarus)
  2. Matilda EKHOLM (Sweden)
  3. Tomokazu HARIMOTO (Japan)
  4. WU Yang (China)
  5. JEON Jihee (Korea)
  6. CHUANG Chih-Yuan (Taiwan)